1) Find item you want to buy in any Chinese site : the basis tools you need to find items in 1688 , taobao , tmall, jd etc. are
1) Google chrome
2) Google translate

Google chrome : is the best to tool to use in accessing 1688.com ,because it’s help translate the site from Chinese language to English for you to understand and sources for the right item you need. you can download it from play store for Android if you are using phone Or , if you are using laptop, you can also download it or get it from the computer people that share software

Google translate : is to change and interpret language, example, you want to buy a phone in 1688, you come to Google translate, translate phone from English to Chinese and it will be written like this 電話 ,then you copy and paste in 1688.com search bar, the display of different phone will be out

2)Register in our site and  copy the link of the item you want to buy paste on our Whatsapp contact number (07039559022) with full specification of that you want to buy in a particular link if your link is more than one, example if it shoe you want buy give us the color, size, type as it is written in the site . we will work your link and send you quotation of what to pay in Naira ,when you acknowledge the quote and ask us to proceed, then pay the Naira equivalent to our Naira account, we buy, pay and ship for you to Nigeria.